Greg’s Newsletter 10/14/2012

Folks, I haven’t written a newsletter in a while because one, there is so much political stuff being spewed everywhere in the media and two, all the ugly economic news. So I decided to take some time off and give all of you a break from more negative economic news from me. I ran across this article and thought it was, needless to say, interesting. Maybe, just maybe some good news for all of us.
The USA going back to the “Gold Standard?” OMG could this be true??? Here is one website thinking we just might be (If it’s a conspiracy thing, well at least it’s a good one).
If we do go back to the gold standard I have many questions but I believe will be one of the most important, “What will be the value of the gold?” The market value or the government’s value of $42 an ounce? (The US Treasury’s official accounting still values our nation’s gold in Fort Knox at $42 per ounce.)
Whether they are correct or not, it gives some hope because the excessive printing of fiat money cannot continue. If it does continue, there will come a day when hyper-inflation will hit our economic system as it has never seen and it will be ugly. I will continue to follow this.

Greg Goodwin


A Short illustr…

A Short illustration lesson on the national budget




This is a non-partisan video produced by an accountant, Hal Mason, retired after 27 years with IBM. He looks at the budget, its revenues and expenses, and very simply illustrates the problem. Amazingly, we get all the media talking heads blathering and shouting for hours and never get clarity. This guy does it in a couple minutes. 

Click below to view the video.