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Green Jobs Cost Taxpayers $6.7 Million Per Job (So Far)

These are examples of why government should not be in the business of creating private sector jobs.  Simply giving firms money to develop or make something the government likes does not work.  The government can and should support research and development of technologies that have legitimate potential.  But, giving private industry taxpayer backed money to build stuff the government likes is not its role.  The government does not create demand for products, the free enterprise market does.  Likewise, governement does not create consumer based civilian jobs, private enterprise does that.  The current (and past) administration’s attempts to create jobs and solve problems by intruding into free market commerce prove the point.  Despite government efforts to do both the unemployment rate has been above 8% for the last 43 months and little improvement in the oeverall economy can be found.  An admittedly over simpliflied description of the goverement’s role in the economy is:  Assure that private enterprise operates on a level playing field for the benefit of “all” American citizens/tax payers/consumers and the country.

 George Burns

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