FED: A private …

FED: A private banking cartel established by Congress

by George  Burns

For those who believe the FED (a private banking cartel established by Congress) is an organization benefiting the welfare of our country and its citizens, this short piece should cause you to rethink your position.  Contrary to its established purpose, the audit clearly establishes that the FED, instead of ours, looks after domestic and international banking interests.  It’s charter says that it is suppose to look after the interests of the American economy, stabilize the value of the dollar, and among other things protect us against recessions and depressions.  On all accounts it has failed but has done a good job, to our detriment, looking after domestic and international banking intrests.  What we all need to understand is that the FED used taxpayer funds to do its nefarious deeds.  We can thank both the FED and the federal government for the nation’s debt and sticking us (the hapless taxpayers) with the bill.


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