Greg’s Newsletter 9/1/2012
by Greg Goodwin

Folks, while we are immersed in the great soap opera of politics, the Presidential race, the real power of the country (Federal Reserve and the banking cartel) is deciding what to do next. Implement QE3 (Quantitative Easing 3) now? The real question is when will QE3 be implemented but be rest assured it will:

As the markets of the world were hanging on what Bernanke and the European Central Banks are going to do, inject billions more into the Western World banking system AGAIN, it just shows that the financial and banking markets only care about today and not our future. The money they create out of thin air will only postpone the inevitable, hyper-inflation and a severe economic down turn.

Yes, the politicians and financial people say it is the fault of government spending too much and yes I agree that is the problem, but “why” have we gone into this unsustainable debt? The real answer, after we remove all the political smoke screens from our view, through influence and manipulation of the government by the banking and financial institutions which have made an economic system favorable for themselves while putting the people and our nation on the hook for their debt they created.

Yes there is a laundry list of things the government and the Federal Reserve shouldn’t be doing economically but the number one thing they have spent money on ever since the 2008 collapse is shoring up the banking and financial industries and in turn destroying the free enterprise system which made this country great. Remember Bernanke stating we will not monetize the debt? Well the Federal Reserve is the #1 holder of US debt over $6 trillion, the last time I checked their public accountable balance sheet. Who knows how much more that has been hidden from view? Well we know now, here is the GAO report from auditing the Federal Reserve which just came out today:

So while we hope for a new direction in the White House, we will not have any real change until there is real reform in how our economic system is handled but unfortunately we haven’t seen a real process to begin the reforms needed in the banking and financial arenas. If since 2008 the government and the Fed had in place a process to turn the entire economy around, we would be seeing it across the board. In reality the only ones gaining from these economic fixes are the largest of the banks and financial institutions (Who created this disaster) and of course, the government by their growing in size and its influence in everything.

Politicians can’t fix these enormous economic problems but leaders and problem solvers can, unfortunately we haven’t seen any of those in office for decades. Compromise in government has brought us to where we are today, true leaders hold to a course till the problems are resolved. That is how all major challenges are resolved and now that we are fighting for the very economic survival of the USA, we had better find those leaders soon.

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