Eight Dems Who …

Eight Dems Who Have Praised Paul Ryan

Democrats may be in full attack mode against Republican Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan, but a good number of them have praised the GOP budget leader in the past for his intellectual and moral leadership.
Here are eight Democrats who have praised Paul Ryan and his approach:

1. Sen. Ron Wyden (Ore.)

The Democratic Senator from Oregon enraged members of his party last year by teaming up with Ryan on Medicare reform. Wyden’s cooperation lent bipartisan credibility to Ryan’s proposal, undermining Democratic efforts to smear the Republican congressman as an unhinged radical hell-bent on throwing seniors out of nursing homes.
“Paul Ryan shares my belief that we don’t hold election certificates to sit on the sidelines and that the only way to tackle some of the big challenges facing our nation is to work together on big solutions,” Wyden said in December upon the release of the proposal. “Paul has also long-shared my view that the best way to hold down health costs is to give all Americans the ability to hire and fire their insurance company.”

Read more: http://freebeacon.com/eight-dems-who-have-praised-paul-rya/


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