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Citizens United to unveil film with Santorum at convention

As Alex and I noted in our home page story this morning, Citizens United, which has produced a bunch of films (against Hillary Clinton, for Newt Gingrich) is unveiling one in Tampa at the Republican National Convention, officials said – this one hosted by Rick Santorum.
The movie is called “Our Sacred Honor,” and it looks at the makings of the Constitution and how the nation was formed – but more specifically, it gives another platform to Santorum, who is widely seen as a 2016 contender.
 “President Obama has been running away from our founding documents for nearly four years, and this documentary will remind Americans of what made our country great at its beginning,” said Santorum in a state.
Santorum often talked about the nation’s founding documents, which Citizens United president David Bossie noted about the film. Bossie’s group was seen as tacitly helpful to Newt Gingrich during the GOP primaries and the Iowa caucuses, and this is another reminder that the conservative, activist base remains a faction Mitt Romney has not completely won over, no matter how much Republicans want to see Obama defeated.

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