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Obama Camp Tries to Tie Romney to Cancer Death

President Barack Obama’s re-election machine reached a new low on Wednesday, pushing out an ad that claimed that Republican challenger Mitt Romney was somehow responsible for the cancer death of a former roller skating champion.

The ad, paid for by Priorities USA Action featured a heart-rending message from Joe Soptic, who worked at GST Steel — which owned a steel mill in Kansas City which closed after the company was taken over by Bain Capital.

Soptic’s wife died just 22 days after being diagnosed with cancer. She had gone to the doctor believing she was suffering with pneumonia.

“I don’t know how long she was sick, and I think maybe she didn’t say anything because she knew that we couldn’t afford the insurance,” Soptic says in the ad.

Immediately the Romney camp blasted the ad. Spokesman Ryan Williams told The Washington Post that it is just one of a series of “discredited and dishonest attacks” meant to “conceal the administration’s deplorable economic record.”

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