In Alaska, will…

In Alaska, will EPA rule for low-sulfur fuel cause out-of-control food and fuel prices?

Imagine paying $17.25 for a bag of sugar. Or how about $20.49 for a bag of flour. Or $8.99 for a gallon of milk.
Welcome to rural Alaska, where prices have always been through the roof. They’re fixing to get worse there and everywhere else in Alaska, if a new rule from the Environmental Protection Agency goes into effect on Wednesday, says U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski and others.
The EPA plans to extend a rule to waters off Alaska requiring that large vessels such as oceangoing cruise ships and cargo tankers use fuel with less sulfur to reduce harmful emissions, according to Murkowski’s office. 
The state of Alaska and Murkowski are on the attack to stop the plans, saying the more expensive fuel will do little for cleaner air in Alaska but will boost the state’s cost of living. The rule will force shipping companies to pay more for their fuel, and that will leave Alaska, already one of the nation’s costliest places to live, paying more for groceries and other goods, nearly all of which arrive by ocean.
EPA public relations staff did not provide comment for this story, despite two days of requests to the Seattle office and the Washington, D.C., office. A Seattle spokeswoman did send along a prepared statement describing the harmful effects of air pollution from large ship engines.

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