Green, renewabl…

Green, renewable energy wipes out the Texas landscape

Texas, July 25, 2012 — If you’re a landscape painter, and if you’re looking in Texas for pastoral scenes to paint, you’d better paint them now. The landscape in changing rapidly. 
If on the other hand you’re looking to paint wind farms, you’ve come to the right place. It seems as if just about every hill has one, or two, or even three — as many as can be crammed onto that particular hill.
They rise up from the ground like giant eggbeaters. They’re enormous, and they dominate what was once a vast landscape of flowers and tall prairie grasses as far as the eye could see. No more. 
In the hill country where I live, there was a time when you could enjoy the blue haze from the distant hills, maybe set up a canvas to paint the sun setting behind them or just sit and watch while the color washed over them at dusk. Now those hills are dotted with wind generators churning out electricity. This pastoral scene looks nothing like the Texas kids imagined when they imagined cowboys and cattle drives.
In Texas there are over 10,377 of these wind towers in over 40 projects and counting. In 2010, the Rosco project had 627 towers; now there are 781 and growing. Just to the west of me, the Gamesa company is in the process of dotting the surrounding hills with possibly 150 of these towering monstrosities.
The federal government is planning to invest 150 billion of our dollars over the next ten years into this wind farm business. Don’t they remember the money we lost to Solyndra?

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