House Bid to Cu…

House Bid to Cut Red Tape Gets Snagged

Who thought easing government regulations would be so hard?
What was meant to be the House GOP’s week to cut red tape has turned out to be full of its own bureaucratic hurdles. A typo caused stumbling blocks for the week’s signature legislation, and another bill was sidelined when leadership could not drum up enough support to justify bringing it to the floor.
Following two Justice Department raids on Gibson Guitar Corp. plants, the House was supposed to vote on a bill that would strip regulations on imported wood. But support crumbled and leaders abruptly pulled the bill from the floor.
“They didn’t think they had the votes to pass it,” said Rep. Jim Cooper (D-Tenn.), a lead sponsor of the bill. “This is an internal Republican issue. They were never courting or counting Democratic votes.”
Cooper’s bill would have amended anti-poaching laws that prohibit importing wood logged illegally according to foreign law and grandfathered products made before 2008, when the prohibition was put into effect.

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