The Nonsense Invasion of Knowledge, From Elizabeth Warren to Climategate

The giving patterns of the UVA Board seem to demonstrate that money in politics follows bigger money. There are no limits on political giving in Virginia state elections, all of the state university boards, which are entirely appointed by the governor, are dominated by prolific political givers. The majority of UVA Board members have given at least $100,000 individually to state political candidates over the years, and nearly contributed at least $10,000 to governor Bob McDonnell’s 2009 victory, regardless of their usual political affiliations. Amphetamine billionaire Randal Kirk, an appointee of McDonnell’s predecessor, had given more than a million dollars almost entirely to Democrats before 2009, when he gave $300,000 to McDonnell’s political action committee and began donating heavily to Tea Party favorites like Eric Cantor and Herman Cain as well. Also prior to 2009, Kington had never topped the $130,000 he invested in his old business partner (and former Democratic governor) Mark Warner’s political career; all told he has now given $173,632 to McDonnell and his PAC.
The problem with McDonnell is that he isn’t, apparently, a legitimate Tea Partier, as Ken Cuccinelli never tires of reminding the Virginia political elite, first by sending letters to the Board of every university in the state in March 2010 advising them to rescind whatever policies they might have adopted to ban discrimination on the basis of sexual preference and effectively forcing the governor to enact a statewide policy explicitly banning such discrimination. Perhaps to compensate for this gesture with the freedom of discrimination-loving grassroots, McDonnell reinstated “Confederate History Month” the next month.

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