Canada should open its doors for Barack Obama refugees

What would happen if thousands of Americans fleeing President Barack Obama’s ravaged U.S. economy and its soaring unemployment rates flooded the Canadian border post November 6, 2012?
Would Canada welcome Obama refugees with open arms?
Not according to the rules as currently set up by Canada Immigration.
Rigid screening is slowing approvals of Americans coming to Canada and someone should be demanding to know why.
“Strict (immigration) rules only grant visas to Americans with pre-arranged jobs and students willing to pay high tuition fees to cash-strapped universities,” CTV discovered in a July 11th interview with Canada’s Immigration Minister Jason Kenney.
The door seems firmly shut for all other Americans wanting to move to the country next door.
Googling the US-Canada immigration story shows that President George Bush is still the bogeyman for Americans wanting to flee America for political reasons.
Hollywood malcontents like Robert Redford, who allegedly said he would hightail it for Ireland if Bush were reelected in 2004;  Alec Baldwin who threatened to depart from U.S. soil; American film director Robert Altman claiming to be ready to leave for France;  a France ditto for Pierre Salinger, White House Press Secretary during the Kennedy administration and ‘Spooky Dude’ George Soros are still ‘livin’ in the USA’.
Frustrating to some that the legions of those threatening to leave America over George W. never left but still dominate leaving stories on Google.
Then and now the real numbers on U.S. to Canada immigration tell a different story.
Out of a population of roughly 300 million, only 34,000 Americans were granted visas to work and study in Canada last year, and there were only 35,000 Americans who came to Canada the year before.

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